Student Support Services

Jefferson Elementary School offers the following programs to support children for academic success:

3-D Time - Three Dimensional instruction based on “Data-Driven Decisions”

3D Time is how we support our at-risk and special education students as well as challenge our higher students through enrichment opportunities. We utilize research based best practice interventions to target specific student need.  3-D time is in place for our all 1st through 3rd grade students this year and provides an extra 30 minutes of English Language Arts and Math in addition to the 90 minutes of regular classroom instruction that all students receive.  Our higher needs students receive an additional 30 minutes/day of targeted supports that are individually prescribed based on student test scores (Dibels, MLPP, and Delta Math. The goal of 3-D time is to move students toward (and beyond) proficiency by:
  1. Minimizing classroom interruptions and maximizing student learning opportunities.
  2. Minimizing loss of instruction time for at risk and SE students due to being “pulled out” and missing classroom instruction.
Here are the different interventions:
  1. Jefferson Mentoring (2nd - 3rd grade) helps students with a volunteer reading mentor to focus on reading comprehension. We are always looking for more mentors!  If you have an hour one day a week, and you would like to volunteer; please contact Beryl Salzman, our Mentoring Coordinator.)
  2. Literacy Groups (1st grade) are instructed by a trained paraprofessional for letter and sound recognition, phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting, etc. The paraprofessional works with 3 students for 30 minutes each day.
  3. Road to the Code (1st grade) is a support system tied to Spalding Spelling, our new reading instructional program. 
  4. Road to Reading (2nd - 3rd grade) is another support system of Spalding Spelling.
  5. Title 1 Aide Support During this time students are pulled to work on specific areas of need. (Example: sight words, fluency, comprehension, etc.) Students utilize BURST, a web based program, to address their needs.
  6. IXL (1st - 3rd grade) provides an extra math enrichment for students on grade level. 
  7. Resource Room identified students receive special education support at this time.
  8. Enrichment Classroom teachers offer enrichment activities to the students who are already at grade level in their classroom. Enrichment opportunities have included service learning activities, higher level vocabulary activities, Reader's Theater, and extended Literacy Groups.
In addition to this, we also offer Read to Achieve which is a Title 1 program using the Level Literacy Intervention program. The program will provide extra small group instruction to promote early achievement in reading and writing skills. The children will spend 30 minutes daily in small groups to practice phonics, writing, and reading. The goal is to achieve early success in these skills and positive attitude toward learning.

Parent Volunteers are utilized in several classrooms. Teachers have trained volunteers on reading strategies and have weekly schedules for parents to assist in the classroom.

Safenet is available part time in each of the elementary schools. The Safenet worker is instrumental in helping our students to deal with external issues (bullying, divorce, death, emotions, etc. They work with them on a weekly basis or in crisis situations. An important component of this program is the family involvement.