Action Team for Partnerships

Jefferson/Madison Action Team for Partnerships Outline

This ATP is designed to improve school, family, & community partnerships.

VISION Jefferson/Madison ATP is to create innovative and productive family & community involvement opportunities.

MISSION Jefferson/Madison ATP’s mission is to increase student achievement through school, family, & community partnerships by creating positive processes and take action to involve families and community.

DUTY This ATP will organize six types of involvement.  This committee will create a one year action plan and an annual evaluation to plan and assess progress each year.

COMMITTEE The Leadership Team made up of the school principals, teaching staff (K-3) and parents (K-3).  It will consist of Leader co-chair (one parent and teacher), a secretary, a treasurer (nominated and elected leaders).  Under this leadership team, there are 6 volunteer co-chair committees (again one teacher and one parent leading one for each type of involvement: parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, & collaborating with the community.)  The election of these positions will take place at the September ATP meeting on years as needed; positions are 2 year terms.

Principals: Andy Huber & Matt Kieffer
President: Tracy Robinson
Teachers: Christine Slawinski & Ruth Simoneau
Secretary: Valerie Maguire
Treasurer: Melinda Hines, Jami Tipton

Type 1 Parenting
Staff: Staci Johnson
Erin McRae 
Type 2 Communicating Staff: Kim Elzinga Parent: Sue Gardner
Type 3 Volunteering Staff: Jane Wojciechowski
Parent: Ariel Priester
Type 4 Learning at Home Staff: Deb Erdman
Parent: Jessica Crawford
Type 5 Decision Making Staff: Ruth Simoneau
Parent: Matt Somsel
Type 6 Collaborating with Community Staff: Leah Antal Parent: Stacey Polcyn


MEETINGS Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of the month @ 6:00 PM.    Meeting times will be utilized to plan activities, plan publicity, identify and solve problems, recruit helpers, implement, reflect and evaluate activities, and celebrate successes.  Committee meetings will be on an as-needed basis; committees will have a representative at each monthly meeting.


Leadership Team Elected Officers

A. Co-­‐Leaders (1 Parent & 1 Teacher & Principal)

  1. Presides over all meetings and maintains order.
  2. Sets dates and plans agenda for general meetings. 
  3. Sees that the ATP co-chairs carry out their assigned tasks for the 6 types of involvement.
  4. Has the authority to table and/or limit a discussion on a specific topic for one meeting.
  5. Will assist the Principal to fulfill child related issues/programs when necessary.

B. Secretary-­‐

  1. Record the minutes of the meetings and send to Principal for posting on school website within responsible period. 
  2. Maintain a list of ATP members to be added to each set of minutes.

C. Treasurer-­‐

  1. Establish and maintains bank account(s).  Ensures that the necessary officer’s signatures are on file with the bank.
  2. Keeps a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures.
  3. Makes prompt disbursements for goods and services as authorized by the ATP Leadership Team.
  4. Presents a financial statement at every meeting and at other times when requested by the Leadership Team.
  5. Assists in planning the budget for the school year.
  6. At the end of his/her term, assists the incoming treasurer and chairman in review of books.
  7. Is responsible for collecting fees incurred by returned checks.

Officer Elections

  1. Persons’ wishing to be considered as candidates for Leadership Team may volunteer by nominating himself/herself, or by another person’s nomination.  Any nominee MUST attend the September meeting to be considered a nominee.  Voting will be conducted by silent ballots.  The principal shall count the votes.  The winners of Leadership Team positions will start at the October meeting.  From September’s meeting until October's meeting the past officers will be available to the new officer upon request to aid in the transition.
  2. An election or re-election shall be held annually in September to select needed Officers of the ATP.
  3. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote.  
  4. Each member of the ATP, is not required but is limited to, one vote.  
  5. Voting by absentia/ proxy is not permitted.
  6. Outgoing officers will meet with incoming officers for training and transfer of information.

6 Types of Involvement Co‐Chairs & Sub‐Committee Chairpersons

  1. Volunteer for 1 year of co-chairing at least 1 of the 6 types. (No nominations or voting)
  2. Reports to the general ATP on a regular basis.
  3. Is responsible for initial count of funds collected at committee’s events.
  4. Communicates to the general ATP about important dates and a need for volunteers.
  5. Once volunteer list is received, chairperson is responsible for finding adequate help and/or volunteers for the event.

ATP Minutes 2014-2015